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The Best Coatings for Concrete in Cold Climates

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In our story, Coating Concrete When It’s Cold: What You Need to Know, we outlined the key things every commercial painting contractor needs to consider when taking on a job that requires coating concrete at lower temperatures.

Here is our guide to the products that will give you the best results in these conditions.

In cases of thermal movement

To protect concrete subject to unusual amounts of thermal movement, try SherLastic™ Elastomeric Coating or ConFlex XL™ High Build Coating.

To keep out water

To prevent the ingress of water and help protect against freeze-thaw damage, try SherLastic, ConFlex XL, Loxon XP® Masonry Coating or UltraCrete Solvent Borne Texture Coating.

For temps down to 20°F

For a solvent-based coating that can be applied to surfaces with temperatures as low as 20°F, try UltraCrete Solvent Borne Texture Coating.

When rain or dew is threatening

To paint later in the day with confidence and less concern about dew or impending rain, try Resilience® Exterior Acrylic Latex Paint.

The threat of rain or dew will not slow down or delay the job because it is specially formulated with breakthrough MoistureGuard™ technology, resisting moisture twice as quickly as standard exterior latex coatings. Newly painted exteriors develop resistance to moisture in just two hours rather than the four-hour minimum most coatings require.

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