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2 Social Media Trends You Can Put to Work for You

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Here’s a look at the latest trends in social media, and how you can incorporate them into your company’s marketing strategy, from Clare Lanphear, Social Media Manager, Sherwin-Williams.

Maximize mobile impact

According to the latest statistics, 61 percent of smartphone users interact with social media from their device. Is your corporate website mobile friendly? Make this a priority if you’re going to be sharing links and driving traffic to your homepage.

Hint: Keep this in mind if you have a form or contact page – this is often the first page searched and it needs to be easy to complete on all screen sizes. Also, don’t share PDFs, or links to other websites that aren’t mobile friendly.

Visual content is on the rise

This is especially true for short-form video.

Video can be a great way to show the superior quality of your work – it can give context to your testimonials and help potential customers visualize your capabilities. Make sure to include clear CTAs (calls to action) in videos to encourage continued engagement with your brand.

Hints: Meta information (title, keywords and descriptions) and a high-resolution thumbnail are essential for giving your video content the best chance of being found on YouTube. Create a free Google Adwords account to help with keyword discovery.

How to join the conversation

Here are five great places to connect with the industry and your customers through Sherwin-Williams:

This article was originally published in the Winter 2016 issue of the Sherwin-Williams CommercialPro newsletter. Get more business-building tips and info on products, services, discounts and project solutions on the Sherwin-Williams contractor website.

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