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Create Texture Faster and More Reliably Than Ever

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Textured surfaces are often used in hotels and other commercial spaces to add dimension and interest to interior surfaces. These surfaces have long been inefficient to create, and present ongoing maintenance issues as scuffed walls highlight the joint compound underneath.

The good news for painters

Gone are the days of applying joint compound or a mud counterpart and knocking it down only to turn around and prime and paint to achieve the desired look.

Now, you can achieve a beautifully textured surface using less effort with Tuff Surface™ Premium Texture Finish.

This is an especially helpful development with the growing turnover we’re seeing in the hotel and resort segment – and the consequent demand to turn paint jobs quickly.

Easy application: Here’s how

Tuff Surface is easily applied with airless and conventional texture spray equipment, delivering an appealing knockdown, splatter or orange peel texture.

With this innovative Sherwin-Williams product, a rich textured profile is easily achieved and is more reliable and cost effective than traditional methods requiring a primer and topcoat. You’ve probably seen this distinctive texture popping up in hotels, restaurants, and medical offices and other properties where owners are looking to create distinctive appearances.

Benefits you’ll appreciate

  • Excellent “hang” properties keep Tuff Surface clinging tightly to the surface until knocked down to the desired texture.
  • Premixed 100% acrylic, non-aggregate formula can be applied to create a level 5 basecoat.
  • Hides a variety of imperfections and is an excellent option for application over uneven or damaged surfaces.
  • Meets the most stringent VOC regulations. Anti-microbial properties inhibit mildew growth on the paint film.
  • Class A fire rated and tintable to all colors, with a finished look that is just like paint.
  • Available in flat or eg-shel.


Ask your Sherwin-Williams sales rep or find data sheets and more product details at the Sherwin-Williams contractor website.

This article was originally published in the Spring 2017 issue of the Sherwin-Williams CommercialPro newsletter. Get more business-building tips and info on products, services, discounts and project solutions on the Sherwin-Williams contractor website

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