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New: Get Loxon® All-Weather Concrete Protection in a Semi-Transparent Stain

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Enhance the natural variation in concrete by adding semi-transparent color with Loxon® Vertical Concrete Stain, coming to your Sherwin-Williams store in summer 2017.

The new Semi-Transparent Stain addition to the Loxon family is ideal for large commercial concrete structures or horizontal surfaces. It’s perfect for fences, traffic barriers and any exterior masonry where maintaining the texture and look of the substrate when adding color is desired.

Here are three qualities you and your customer will appreciate when using the new semi-transparent formula of Loxon Vertical Concrete Stain:

1. Water repellant

Innovative formula allows you to offer your customers a semi-transparent look that both repels water and allows moisture vapor transfer for early blister resistance.

2. Excellent adhesion

Great for refreshing existing concrete. Adheres to new and old concrete, resists running and sagging and has minimal overspray. Hides surface imperfections and penetrates deeply for tough protection that resists peeling and flaking.

3. Fade resistant

Offer your property management customers a finish that resists efflorescence and guards against color fading. And, it’s tintable to a wide range of colors.

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