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Staffing Up: How to Know When to Hire More Office Workers

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Wanting to grow but feeling stuck on what to do next? Paige NeJame, owner of the CertaPro Painters of the South Shore and Boston franchise, has some sound advice.

First move: Eliminate your day-to-day drudgery

“When you start out you are typically doing everything yourself,” she says. “Your first big investment is an office manager. A good one saves the owner from doing the drudgery so they can start thinking more big picture.”

Next step: Hire for growth

NeJame says her next hires were two estimators to help generate sales. Looking ahead, she says more office administrative staff will then be added as needed.

Ask: What are your pain points?

“In the beginning, start thinking about what is bogging you down,” NeJame says. After your company gets bigger, look at:

  1. What am I not good at or do not want to do?
  2. Where am I or my staff feeling overwhelmed?

“Then plug those holes.”

Tip: Leverage technology

Finally, check into automating certain tasks before investing in more employees.

“What can be automated, should be automated,” she says. “Then, hire humans to do what only humans can do: communication, client services, thinking and interacting with people.”

Example: she uses a scheduling app called ScheduleOnce.

“There’s a link in my email signature that enables customers to schedule appointments online,” she says. “This $5 app has really saved me from a lot of back and forth that was wasting my time.”

This article was originally published in the Spring 2017 issue of the Sherwin-Williams CommercialPro newsletter. Get more business-building tips and info on products, services, discounts and project solutions on the Sherwin-Williams contractor website

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