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Access lifts free operator hands free to do work safely at height. This is not the case with ladders.

Looking for a Lift? 3 Points to Consider

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Many commercial contractors are taking a closer look at low-level access lifts and other aerial work platforms to replace the use of more traditional ladders and scaffolding, says Randy Marzicola, Director-Channel Development, JLG Industries, Inc. If you’re one of them, here are some things he says you should consider:

1. Free your hands

Low-level access represents a growing category of access equipment, whose popularity rests in the fact that operator hands are free to do work safely at height. This is not the case with ladders, where workers are required to maintain three points of contact, leaving just one hand free to perform a task.

2. Portability saves you set-up time

These same pieces of equipment also offer portability benefits. Unlike scaffolding, which takes time to assemble and disassemble, low-level access equipment can be lowered and moved simply from one location to another, making it easy to perform multiple tasks throughout a facility in less time. These versatile machines may also enhance productivity, ergonomics and have green benefits that are increasingly important.

3. How to get the right lift for your job

Choosing the right aerial work platform (AWP) requires answering questions regarding the task at hand – things like how high a worker needs to go. It is also important to know if the jobsite includes uneven surfaces and/or obstacles to work over or around. Does the lift need to go through doorways or other narrow passages, and does the job require the lift to move around the job site? Finally, how many people will be working on the lift, and what tools will they need to perform the task?

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