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Rick Watson

Insider Secrets for Bright, Bold Colors

in Application Techniques
a bold accent paint color highlights the architectural features of this condo

Bright, bold accent colors can be used in many exterior painting situations: to highlight architectural features, to add visual appeal to large commercial buildings, for corporate branding purposes, and more. Here are four tips for long-lasting results from Rick Watson, Product Information, Sherwin-Williams: 1. Prep it properly As high as 80% of all coating failures…

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Primer Isn’t Needed Anymore, Right?

in Paint Innovations
Rick Watson, Director- Product Information & Technical Services

With the proliferation of “paint and primer in one,” it can seem that paints today are engineered to do it all, making primer irrelevant. However, primer is often an important part of customer satisfaction with the job. By Rick Watson Here are the facts There are times when you do not need to prime. There…

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Gloss and Sheen: Understanding Your Options

in Application Techniques
illustration showing gloss is assessed at a 60 degree viewing angle; sheen at 85 degrees

Selecting or recommending the correct paint is about finding the coating with the right mix of functional and aesthetic properties. As a commercial contractor, it’s good to consider your customer’s knowledge of sheen and gloss, and how that may impact both the longevity and appearance of the finish. Factors to consider We all know, for…

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