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Steve Revnew

LEED® v4: What You Need to Know

in Application Techniques

Have you seen architectural specifications requiring LEED® v4 and wondered “what now”? Not only can our sales representatives walk you through the appropriate coatings and documentation, but now we also have new website resources to help guide you through the new requirements enacted in November 2016. Get started with these online resources Find them at…

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Antimicrobial, Antibacterial, Microbicidal: What’s the Difference?

in Paint Innovations
illustration of microbes under a magnifying glass

Some of today’s advanced coatings are formulated to kill bacteria or prevent the growth of mold and fungus on painted surfaces, even long after the paint has been applied. By Steve Revnew Three terms used to describe these coatings – antimicrobial, antibacterial, microbicidal – are often misunderstood and misused. Each is significantly different, so understanding…

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